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Programs Tailor-Made for All Needs    

Private Violin Lessons    

Private lessons are offered to all ages. We incorporate both traditional and Suzuki methods to cater every lesson to the students individual needs and goals. There is never a dull moment in our lessons. We keep students motivated and excited about leaning to play!  Students are encouraged to perform in our recitals which are held every December and June.  

Private Lessons starts at $60

  Group Violin Lessons and Ensembles    
The Future Sounds Good


Learning to play an instrument is a life changing experience and will enrich you and your childs life forever.

Group classes are arranged according to age and playing level.  Group is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their music, play musical games, play as an ensemble and enjoy learning from each other! 

Your child will be extremely motivated by playing alongside his or her peers, and this in turn, accelerates the rate of learning as they absorb strengths from each other. Aside from the social aspect that group lessons provide, our class will cover basic violin technique based on the Suzuki Method, beginning with the fundamentals of posture, right and left hand set-up, the anatomy of the violin and how to care for the instrument.


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